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Thank you for considering your financial commitments to the ministries of Resurrection MCC as we have each been blessed by God to be a blessing to others.

We know that generosity requires prayer and planning. We also know that living into generosity is transformative as we grow from feelings of fear and scarcity into the truth of abundance and trust that God is right here with you on the journey. Your financial commitment offers spiritual growth for the giver, ministry growth for our church family and those in need, while also providing our leadership with information needed to strategically plan for how God will use our gifts together – time, talent, and treasure – in 2021.

When you provide an estimate of your financial giving and generosity for 2021, we ask you to make your best guesstimate. We understand that life circumstances can change during the year. If that happens and you would like to increase or decrease your 2021 commitment, you can do so online, by email, or by phone.
Resurrection MCC encourages you to consider the Biblical concept of proportional giving – that is, offering a percentage of your gross income to the church. Many experienced proportional givers have structured their lives to reach the Biblical tithe of 10%. Some have had the blessing to go beyond 10%. For first-time proportional givers, you may need to choose an intermediate goal to get started and then grow year by year. We recommend that you consider starting at 5%. See if you can find a way to meet that goal or make a plan to grow to that goal over the next few years. Regular proportional givers are invited to prayerfully discern if they are growing towards their goals and if they can get closer by increasing their gift by 1% or 2% this year. The chart at the bottom of the page shows examples of proportional giving based on your gross income and generosity goal.







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