Baptism is considered a Sacrament in the MCC Movement as in other Christian churches. We believe that the baptism of water is an outward sign of an inward spiritual experience. The baptism of water involves the marking of the sign of the cross with water upon the person’s forehead. Resurrection MCC recognizes baptisms performed by other churches if it is meaningful to the individual.

Baptism is more than simply an affirmation of faith and a rite of passage into the Christian church. It is also filled with ancient meanings. It symbolizes the coming of the Holy Spirit into the individual and the individual’s inclusion into the Body of Christ — the church. It also symbolizes the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ and our own inevitable death and resurrection by the Grace and Love of God.

Baptisms are generally conducted as part of our Sunday Worship service. Individuals interested in baptism are encouraged to speak with a Pastor. A discussion will be held about the meaning of baptism and the individual’s reasons for requesting baptism at this time. In the case of infant baptism, discussion will include the differences between christening, dedication and baptism. We will also discuss how the baptism will be conducted in the service.

To schedule a Baptism, please contact Rev. Vickey Gibbs at or 281-254-8007.