Our Board of Directors is elected by the congregation and serves for a term of two-years. The primary function of the Board of Directors is the organizational governance of Resurrection MCC. While the Executive Team leads and operates the church on a day-to-day basis, the Board is responsible for ensuring that it is run ethically and with fiscal responsibility, and that the church leadership remains true to the vision, mission, and core values of Resurrection MCC. Additionally, the Board is responsible for holding our Senior Pastor accountable both morally and in terms of performance in his role. View the Resurrection Metropolitan Community Church Bylaws here.

Rev. Troy Treash

The Senior Pastor serves as President of the Board and is a voting member. As the primary visionary and futurist in advancing our mission and vision, the Senior Pastor establishes priorities and provides strategic leadership and direction to the Board.

Robert Amidon

Manages the financial needs of the church and is responsible for presenting yearly budgets and financial reports. Serves as Chair of the Budget Committee. Duties include oversight of financial matters covered by the Articles of Incorporation and documents pertaining to legal organization, property, and physical and financial affairs.

Brandon de Hoyos
Community Presence

Represents the church at various community events. Provides support to the outreach programs including benevolence and social action thereby increasing the church’s visibility in the community and supporting the mission of Resurrection MCC.

Sharri McGlauthing
Board Development

Responsible for planning board retreats and preparing evaluations of the Board and Senior Pastor. Liaison to the Nominating Committee. Facilitates the planning and execution of developmental, education, and visioning retreats and workshops for the Board to further the mission and leadership of Resurrection MCC.

Jackie Marshall
Vice Moderator

Assists and supports the President and Moderator as requested. Act as Moderator of the Board in the absence, or upon the request of the Moderator. Maintains close communication with the President and Moderator for information sharing purposes before Board meetings, and to review distributed workloads and pending work assignments. Acts as point of contact for the Board of Directors regarding distributed workloads and assignments.

Georgette L. Monaghan

Represents the Board in legal matters and serves on Bylaws Committee. Provides oversight of legal matters covered by Articles of Incorporation, Bylaws, Policies and Procedures, and other documents pertaining to legal organization and property. Liaison to Policies and Procedures Committee and Executive Team.

Ray Priest

Responsible for recording board minutes and maintaining membership records. Duties include those defined by current not-for-profit standards, maintenance of official correspondence and accuracy of church records, proper notice of all authorized meetings of the church, and recording Board meeting minutes.

Ronda Roush
Resource Development

Responsible for developing annual fundraising plans and supporting fundraising activities. Serves as Chair of the Fundraising Committee. Provides leadership in fundraising campaigns, actively participates in donor development, and may participate on the capital campaign, budget, and fundraising committees.

Raymond Turner
Assistant Treasurer

Serves on the budget committee and supports Treasurer in providing oversight of financial and facility concerns. Duties also include staff compensation analysis, legacy giving programs, oversight of endowments, facilities projects, capital campaigns, and capital improvement projects.

Connie Wright

Provides input to establish meeting agendas. Assists with holding Board Members accountable for fulfilling the duties and responsibilities of their respective oles. Moderates meetings in the absence of the Moderator. May serve as Clerk in the temporary absence of the Clerk.