Weddings & Holy Unions

Weddings & Holy Unions are formal religious ceremonies of commitment for couples. Commitment vows are taken and rings are usually exchanged. The minister officiating prays with the couple that the blessings of God my help to strengthen and enrich their relationship. This is done in the presence of witnesses as the couple exchanges vows.

Ceremonies range from simple to elaborate, small to large, and conservative to non-traditional. The couple, with the help of the Resurrection MCC Pastoral staff, will define what will be included in the ceremony.

Rite of Blessing

A Rite of Blessing is a religious ceremony that can best be described as a “Spiritual Ceremony of Engagement.”

To begin planning your special journey, please download and complete this cost sheet. Scan and email to Shiv Dharan at *protected email* or fax to 713-861-2520.

If you have questions regarding our facilities or the requirements for a Wedding, Holy Union, or Rite of Blessing, please contact Shiv Dharan, at *protected email* or 281-254-8002.

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