Our 10-acre church campus is utilized throughout the year for a variety of purposes including everything from weddings to dances and from town hall meetings to yard sales. Available spaces include our Sanctuary, Chapel, Gathering Place, Activities Building (Gymnasium), and Parking Lot.

For a listing of available locations on campus and the associated rental fees, please download our Facility Rental Cost Sheet.

To reserve a space and date for your event, please complete the form, scan, and email to gro.C1521538328CMnoi1521538328tcerr1521538328useR@1521538328vihS1521538328 or fax to 713-861-2520.

If you have questions about a facility rental, please contact Shiv Dharan at gro.C1521538328CMnoi1521538328tcerr1521538328useR@1521538328vihS1521538328.



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